Spherical Harmonics Generator

You might want to take a look at my hybrized orbital preview program.

I currently don't have time to include detailed descriptions about what the program does. So I instead offer few screenshots and a flash movie.

You may download:

I highly recommend reading article on spherical harmonics at Wikipedia.

As of now, I have succesfully tested program on Microsoft Windows(tm) and Linux (though with NVIDIA OpenGL development libraries). Since 0.0.13 it runs on MacOS X too. Theorically it should run anywhere OpenGL and GLUT are available. If you have any updates, mail me. Thanks!

This program uses GLT ZPR (Zoom, Pan and Rotate) by Nigel Stewart. Thanks him a lot!


l=0, m=0

l=1, m=1

l=2, m=-2, multicolor enabled

l=3, m=2

l=2, m=0, wireframe


something gorgeous

shg on MacOS X. Thanks to David Yoo for this. (Click to enlarge.)

shg under Ubuntu, built using Nvidia libraries and FreeGLUT.

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